The region

Humans share this continental region with the other creatures that have inhabited it for well over 10,000 years. At the heart of the Great Plains of North America, Saskatchewan is the territory of the First Nations and of people who have come from all over the world in search of prosperity. You will meet science, language and knowledge enthusiasts. Here live inventors, innovators, smugglers and creators.

The community

Your hosts are the Fransaskois, the francophones of Saskatchewan; hosts who know how to extend a welcome. Our community is populated by people who are just waiting for your arrival to accompany you in your academic journey. We speak several languages; English is an essential presence around us, but it is the French language that brings us together, that inhabits us, that feeds our identity inspired by openness to the world.

Extracurricular activities

Various clubs

The school is the starting point for a variety of interests: from music to robotics, from entrepreneurship to theatre, from visual arts to communications media, from swimming lessons to driving lessons. You have a project in mind? How can we help you achieve it?


Our sports-studies programs allow students to pursue their dreams, whether that dream is to become a professional athlete or to develop lifelong athletic skills, in addition to ensuring academic success. Our teams excel in a variety of sports disciplines that allow our students to evolve in an environment that promotes their complete success.

The francophone network

The strength of our community is all the expertise it has through a formidable network of organizations specializing in cultural and artistic development, support for entrepreneurship, support for well-being, identity building and the promotion of health in all its forms. If our education system exists today, it is thanks to the unconditional support of our organizations here, elsewhere in Canada and internationally. Our school board is a garden in which we cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.

Learning English

In Saskatchewan, English is part of our daily life. So much so that the lessons learned during English lessons allow our students to put their learning into practice in the environment immediately around our schools. In two stages, three movements, students will master the language of Shakespeare as if it was their mother tongue.

My global project

Each of our students holds a project dear within them, a deep desire to put into practice their skills, their achievements for the benefit of their loved ones, their community of origin, their fellow citizens. What could be more natural than taking advantage of one’s educational journey to undertake such an initiative, with the support of the student’s Saskatchewan hosts. We learned a long time ago what richness comes from contact with others from afar. Seizing the moment when the opportunity presents itself matters.

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